Hey guys, how are you doing??  Sorry I have been MIA lately but I have been so busy with work lately…  New shifts. New work off argh it’s been hectic…

I am at this stage in my life where I am getting to know me “the Real Me ” and it’s been fun.  What I didnt expect is to meet some one and fall head over heels…  I am crushing so bad right now!

I went out for a couple drinks with one of my friends and she gets one of her friends along (I am guessing deliberately) and OMG he is so cute…!!

I am not the kind of person to immediately take a liking to someone… But this ones so cute,  he is fun,  and so damn handsome!! 

It feels so weird having a crush its been so long since I felt this way the butterflies in your stomach and just the thought of him makes me smile!!

I know I am rambling but I could wait to tall someone!!  Anyways putting up a pic of him lemme know what u think!



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