The Pain of Rejection and Finding Hope

Today its been 5 months and 30 days since we broke up … I wouldn’t say I am a godly person but I do Believe and trust a lot in God . And that he truly watches out for you. But during those early months of turmoil all I used to pray for was “Lord Change his heart and make him mine .. “
I prayed so hard with all the hope and trust I had with everything in me and he still left me … I felt broken crushed … faithless 
I kept crying why Lord, DO you truly enjoy seeing me in such pain ?? Is your will so important that you would let me live in such misery rather than do such a small thing as change his heart ?? You the maker of this entire universe can’t change one man ??
That’s when I decided to take a break from work and everything, and visit this retreat centre in Kerala called DIVINE RETREAT  CENTRE .
but now
When I was in the retreat centre one of the counselors told me :
If you prayed and he left you. It wasn’t meant to be! God allowed this happen for a reason. Pray the Lord will give you enough confidence to believe in yourself. If someone doesn’t care about you, pray to God that he will help in your suffering. It isn’t God’s plan for any husband to leave his wife or girlfriend. I believe once you start believing in yourself and know who you are in Christ, love shall prevail for you, again. This other thing wasn’t love for him, the other person you felt you loved or cared for, he really wasn’t for you. You just felt the pain of rejection. God can give you the strength you need, just keep your trust in God. You may have to be patient. God knows what he’s doing. When the right one comes along you’ll know it. And then you’ll know what God’s plan was for you. It isn’t the end of the world, yet….. 
 Änd now after I took the time to really let myself let go of all the negativity all the pain and all the anger, be by myself and truly find my self I feel this happened so that when god wills it , and brings someone in my life i would learn to appreciate him better and truly understand what love is …
someone truly worthy of my love …
and its true of course i loved him with all I had but what good is it when its only one sided, I wasn’t sad because I couldnt live without him….. I was upset because i couldn’t deal with the rejection…
 There is that special someone who will treat you right. I do believe that. Just don’t let the other bad experiences allow you not to ever love and trust again…
I know it will take time but i truly BELIEVE I will find the one who will appreciate me and treats me like me should be treated and treat him the same way.Be happy. I hope these words may help somebody I really do hope it helps you in someway

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