Getting up-to speed


I know I have been MIA for almost a week now… as you know I just resumed work on Monday … And I am glad to report there wasn’t much catching up to do at first I Thought  I was going to feel rally lost but I didn’t.  In Fact since I joined back the number of people that asked me where I was and what I’d been up-to this past month made me feel so awesome…

I didn’t think so many people would actually notice that I am Gone… Guess I do mean something to this world if not a LOT 😛

I mean these are people who hardly even know me but seeing them welcome me back and actually realize that they noticed I wasn’t around makes me feel wanted , and so foolish to think that just 2 months back I was going to end it ALL thinking Except some close friends and my family no one would even notice :/ 


And even though works been busy , I haven’t been sad or depressed at all this past week. I have been too busy keeping myself busy and getting up-to speed again at work 🙂 

So My advice to you if you are going through any kind of depression….. 


Take that well deserved break spend time with yourself , get to know and love yourself better and eventually everything will seem ok… Of course it doesn’t happen instantaneously it took me months and i am still getting to know me … but when you do get there LIFE is AWESOME … cause YOU ARE AWESOME ….  ❤ 

Loads of Love and kisses …. 



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