Are we ready to be JUST Friends???

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All the articles and books I’ve read on how to cope with a break up they all seem to have this one thing in common and important “RULE” OR “TIP” OR “STEP” (call it what you want to ) and that is

 Don’t try to be their friend – make a “clean break”

Well, as you know from my prev post i haven’t been really good at doing that making that CLEAN BREAK. Cutting him out of my life completely. They say its easier to go COLD TURKEY . Well I can sincerely say i admire the people who are able to do that . I was one of those admirable people before… that’s before i met him.

We shared what you would call a very unhealthy relationship . Too attached and too close.. We would literally sleep on the phone each night I know that’s crazy and bother line psychotic…

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