The End of a Relationship

It’s OVER … WE’RE THROUGH…. We’re DONE … It was just NOT MEANT TO BE …. 

How long does it take for these words to come out of a person’s mouth and actually sink in .. 

Its been 5 long months since my break up and the minute I feel ” yeah I had a good day or week” something happens and it pulls  me right back in the hole again. 

Well there has been some improvement , I managed to take down his photos from my facebook profile but  I haven’t been able to stop speaking to him. I can only manage to turn it down to speaking twice a day . And it isn’t even speaking we only talk in syllables .

So what is it that makes me so vulnerable , that even the thought of not hearing his voice makes me wanna curl up and cry and not get out of bed.

Its been months , and yeah I’ve tried not talking but it only last for a maximum of 8 days … and I was bawling and crawling at his feet like he had a leash on my life and if he let go I would die .. Bah !!! It’s so annoying !!! and not to mention self degrading.


 “I shouldn’t still be angry,crying,depressed by now it’s been over 5 months !! “

But is there a time period of grieving ,, Yes I am grieving .. Grieving the Death of my So called Relationship  

They say the harshest experiences are the tough lessons, but they have something big to teach us. 

Well the first thing I’ve learnt is not to let anyone get so close to you that you lose yourself in them and forget how to be happy just by yourself. 

So its time to pick up my socks and really work on myself. Writing a blog for starters I think is really helping cause right now I am not checking my phone to see if he called or text-ed … 

So yes I lost the love of my life and along with it  the will to love again or to be loved by another ..

But with all that I have lost , I have gained something even better ..

The WILL to Rediscover myself.. The will to finally be able to Love myself again Love my life and all there is in it ,, 

So from now on its not about him or our break up…

Its going to be only ABOUT ME !! 




6 thoughts on “The End of a Relationship

  1. 2 years back I was in a similar trauma. All I did was I deleted every single communication like mail, chat, sms I had with her. I blocked & removed her from all the communication platform. I deleted her number or ID from every corner of my stuff. & It worked. I was back to me again in no time.

    1. hey , thanks for the advice. I truly appreciate it . Thing is i am too attached to de-tach myself right now. Its a much slower process for me but hopefully I am getting there.

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